Summer Team

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I just wanted to clarify to everyone since there seems to have been some confusion.  Sheboygan North IS HAVING A SUMMER TEAM and we encourage everyone that is interested in participating to do so.  The necessity of this came about when we found out that the Sheboygan Strikers were not going to have a 16U team.  Summer softball is a great opportunity to get some extra work in when the weather is actually nice (for the most part).  The schedule is currently a work in progress but we are going to be focusing mainly on tournaments with a few single games thrown in.  If you are a North High softball player and are playing summer softball we hope that you would make the decision to play with us.

This information was given at the Parent Meeting in February and at the player informational meeting in January.  We are deciding as of yet to play 16U or 18U (since we have some upper classmen that don’t qualify for 16).  However, just because you may be younger does not mean you can’t play up.  The better competition you see, the better player you become.

Any questions regarding this team can be directed to Coach Utley (

Schedule Update

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Hello, all.

Tomorrow’s games against Manitowoc have officially been postponed.  Both the Varsity and JV will play a doubleheader versus Manitowoc Lincoln AT North on May 15, beginning at 4:00PM.

Both teams will be practicing indoors today at 5:30PM.

Portable Heaters

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Hello, everyone.

We’ve been asked by the Supervisor of Maintenance for the school district to try to track down some portable heaters that we can run over night in our concession stand the next few days.  Overnight on Monday and Tuesday the temperature is supposed to drop down into the teens and there is a concern for the water pipes.  If anyone has a portable heater that works safely unattended overnight and is willing to let our program use it for a few days, please e-mail Coach Lenz at

Thank you very much!

JV Softball WILL be practicing outside after school with equipment/uniform handout following practic.

Varsity Softball WILL be practicing outside beginning at 4:30 and going until at least 6:30.

Practice Tomorrow (Monday)

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JV has practice outside after school and will be doing uniform handout after practice.

Varsity is hoping to practice outside beginning at either 4:30 or 5:00.  The decision will be made by noon tomorrow, but all girls should be prepared for both situations.  If we are inside, practice will again be at 5:30 in the Raider Gym.

Let’s all hope the weather stays dry!


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All players and coaches have been given (or will be given) an order form for Cousins Subs. We have decided to utilize Cousin’s Subs box lunch instead of stopping at a fast food place after games. We will more than likely be doing this for every road trip. The cost is $6 per game and they receive a 1/2 sub, chips, cookie, and a drink. If they would like to keep the same order for every trip, please put the word “always” in the upper right corner of the form. We are accepting pre-payments for 5 trips ($30). This can be cash or check payable to “Sheboygan North Softball”. These orders need to be turned in at least 24 hours in advance, so they will be due on Tuesday. The coaching staff will handle everything from that point.



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A HUGE thank you to everyone that came out to help with the field prep today.  We had a very large number of parents/players/family members show up and the efforts were definitely shown.  Both outfield fences were erected, we were able to put up the batting cage net, we hung sponsor signs, and did lots of general clean up.  These efforts would not have produced results with everyone’s help.  The coaching staff cannot thank you enough.

Now let’s all wish for warm weather so we can finally play some  softball!!!!

Pizza Sales

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This is just a reminder to all players, parents, and family members that the Faye’s pizza sale orders, along with all the money, are due on Monday at practice.  Please make every effort to sell as many pizzas as you can.  One of the major purchases we hope to make with some of this money is to upgrade the sound system on the Varsity Field.  If any of you have been to a game at North, you realize how much this is needed.

These pizzas generally sell themselves,  you just need to put forth the effort.

Thanks to all of you for your efforts!

Field Work Day

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Just a reminder to everyone that can make it that we will be working up the field tomorrow beginning around 10:00/10:30 in the morning.  We will be putting up the outfield fences, hanging sponsor signs, and doing general clean-up around the facility.  All players that don’t have prior legitimate commitments ARE EXPECTED to be at the field tomorrow.

Anyone that has any type of equipment that can help to work up the field and break up some of the upper crust (tillers, pick-axes, etc…) is encouraged to bring them.

Thanks to all and we hope to see you tomorrow.

Hello, everyone.

If you are able to make it, we would love everyone’s help on Saturday beginning at 10:30AM for our annual field work day.  We will be putting up both outfield fences, prepping the concession stand, putting up the batting cage net, and just doing general clean up around the facility.  We could use as much help as possible.  We are also hoping for people to  bring yard tools (rakes, shovels, etc…) to use just in case they are needed.  Also, if you have a strong drill that we can use our auger to drill the ground for the fence stakes, we would appreciate it if you allowed us to use that.

If you are unable to help during the day, that’s fine too.  We will also be accepting the concession stand donations that many of you signed up for during the parent meeting held earlier in February.  If you didn’t sign up for something, or are unsure of what you might have signed up for, we can always use bottled water (brand doesn’t matter, but please only bring the 16.9 oz size) and Piggly Wiggly gift cards.

Many thanks to all of your for your patience, understanding, and help during these few weeks at the beginning of the season and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.