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Apparently, I’m not good at counting days! The apparel store is still open and will close at midnight tonight. If you are still interested in ordering North Softball Apparel, you still have a chance!

Please go to and use code: SNSTB

Important Reminders

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Good morning, everyone. The coaching staff wanted you to be aware of a few important upcoming dates and events.

1. The apparel sale ends tomorrow. This is the absolute last day to be able to order apparel from Kollegetown. If you are interested in purchasing apparel, please go to and use the code: SNSTB. Apparel will be delivered within 3 weeks of tomorrow.

2. The deadline for sponsorships is Monday, March 27. This is the absolute deadline for these sponsorships (other than Single Club sponsorships). We need to make this deadline to be able to order banners and programs in a reasonable amount of time. If you need the sponsorship information, please contact Coach Lenz (

3. The parent/player potluck is on Tuesday, March 21 at 6:00PM in the North High Commons. Teams will meet beginning at 4:00/4:30PM. Details will be given on Monday, March 20. We are asking each class to bring certain items for the potluck. We will be bringing in broasted chicken for the main meal. The requests are below:

Seniors – Side Dish
Juniors – Cutlery (specific assignments will be given on Monday so we don’t have 2,000 cups)
Sophomores – Beverages
Freshmen – Desserts

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Coach Lenz (

Thank you all in advance and we’ll see everyone on Tuesday!

Teams Announced

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Please see below for the teams for the 2017 Sheboygan North Softball Season:

VARSITY (Alphabetical Order):

Bechard, Katie
Canales, Aleyna
Dulmes, Natalie
Gmach, Miranda
Hamann, Lauren
Holtz, Tori
Lackershire, Talia
McCall, Roberta
Meyers, Natalie
Rabe, Bayleigh
Sauer, Paige
Schetter, Allison
Spaulding, Lauren
Warden, Jenna
Wohlgemuth, Lexey

JUNIOR VARSITY (Alphabetical Order):

Burnett, Savanna
Butzen, Elena
Grub, Breann
Hartmann, Elizabeth
Hill, Ashanti
Krause, Amber
Kuznacic, Makenna
Lamker, Patricia
Laurent, Dior
Pierce, Jessica
Pierce, Mika
Rieck, Jaden
Rolon, Aaliyah
Schetter, Julia
Wilson, Emma

Practice for both teams will be tomorrow from 4:30-7:30 in the Raider Gym. If you should have any questions on these teams, please contact Coach LeMahieu via e-mail (


Important Dates

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Hello, all.

I wanted everyone to be aware of a few dates that are very important for the near future.

  1.  The apparel store closes on Sunday, March 19.  Any orders MUST be in prior to that date.  We do not have any flexibility in this.  The instructions to order apparel are attached below.
  2. Sponsorships are due on March 27.  I realize that the form says March 10.  Please disregard that.  We wanted to have an opportunity to discuss sponsorships at the potluck, so we have extended the deadline.  This is the absolute deadline and we cannot extend this if we are to get the programs and banners in a reasonable time.  We ask that you make an effort to get all sponsorships submitted as early as possible.  The sponsorship flyer is attached below.
  3. Due to the cancellation of the first day of tryouts on Monday, we needed to reschedule the parent/player potluck.  The potluck will now be held on Tuesday, March 21 at 6:00PM.  Teams will meet at 4:00 for workouts, team meetings, and uniform distribution.  A list of items that we will be asking each grade to bring will be forthcoming.

Thank you all for your patience as we get the season underway!

Coach Lenz



Tryout/Schedule Update

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Mother Nature has decided to not play nice today and thus all after school activities have been canceled.  This includes our first day of tryouts.

Tryouts will continue tomorrow and Wednesday in the Raider Gym from 4:30-7:30.  With this change in schedule, we need to change the date of the parent/player potluck meeting.  This will now be held on Tuesday, March 21 beginning at 6:00PM in the Commons at North High School.  Teams will be posted after tryouts on Wednesday evening.

Please make sure that all registration forms, including the WIAA physical, are turned in prior to practice.  Without the clearance slip, you will not be able to participate.

Thank you!


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Good afternoon, everyone.

We have some very important information for everyone involved in the softball program.  So please make sure to read the points below and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact any member of the coaching staff.

  1. Tryouts are on March 13 and 14.  Tryouts will be from 4:30-7:30PM in the Raider Gym. At this point, they are scheduled for 2 days, but may extend into March 15 if the coaches feel it is necessary.  All student-athletes must be fully cleared before they can participate.  They must fill out the co-curricular forms, pay their curricular fee and have a WIAA approved physical.  All of the forms can be found online at the Sheboygan North High School website.  Once all of this is completed, Mrs. Dudek will give you a salmon slip for clearance.  No slip = no tryouts.
  2. All girls should come dressed in athletic clothing with good athletic shoes.  Please dress appropriately.  Bring your own glove and water bottle.  All other equipment will be provided for you.  Teams will be posted on this website and our Facebook page on Tuesday night after tryouts.  We will also post them outside the Athletic Training room at school.
  3. Their will be a parent/player potluck on Wednesday, March 15.  All parents are invited and encouraged to attend.  Information on what we will be asking you to bring will be coming once that has been determined.
  4. Our apparel store is officially open and will be open until March 19.  Please see the instructions as to how to access it in the file attached.


We look forward to seeing everyone at our last open gym tonight beginning at 7:30 in the Raider Gym and then even moreso at tryouts on March 13!!!

Have a great night!



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Please see the email from Tammy Holtz below. The Girls BB program is requesting help for their youth tournament this Sunday. If you are available for any or all shifts, please contact Coach Lenz ( You will receive credit towards your season dues. Thanks in advance. 

On Sunday, March 5th, the Jr Lady Raiders basketball program is hosting a tournament. The Jr families will be helping out as well as the high school girls. We would like to ask softball to help in the concessions between 10am and 2pm. Coach Spielman will issue a check to your group for assisting. 

We are hoping for 6 people during each hour of those times. Of course, people can volunteer for more than a one hour shift.

Thanks for considering! We estimate having about 1500 people in attendance. 

North Softball Apparel Order

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Good afternoon, everyone (except for you, Mother Nature.  We’re fighting.).

This year, we will be handling the apparel sales a little differently than we have in the past.  We are going through Kollegetown and everything will be done through an online store that is specifically for Sheboygan North High School.  The store will be open from March 6-March 19.  You can pay for everything via credit card on the site, thus saving us from having to collect money.  The apparel will then be packaged and shipped to the school for distribution.

Please see the attached flyer that will explain how to access the online store.  Again, the store will not be open until Monday, March 6.

If you have any questions about the apparel, please contact Coach Lenz (



Missing Uniforms

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We need everyone’s help in tracking down some uniforms from years past.  They are the uniforms that the Varsity wore before the current set.  They are Nike with navy blue shoulders and sleeves with a white chest and gold numbers on the back.  There is a picture of this uniform below.

We used these uniforms at a tournament several years ago and some of them were never returned.  We are hoping that by putting this information out there we can recover at least 1 or 2 of the tops.

Please help spread the word.

Thanks in advance!!!


Softball Tryouts

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Good afternoon, everyone.

We wanted to update all individuals on the planned schedule for tryouts.  We are currently planning on having 2 days of tryouts (March 13-14, 4:30-7:30PM) with the teams posted on WordPress and Facebook the evening of March 14.  If the coaching staff feels it is necessary, we will extend tryouts to March 15.  We will let the girls know of that decision before they leave on Tuesday, March 14.

Based on the number of individuals we have had attend open gyms and our informational meetings, we had to make the decision to only be have 2 teams (Varsity and JV) this year.  Because of this, it is likely that we will have to make cuts due to only having so many uniforms per team.  We will discuss this more during tryouts.

The coaching staff also wants to give you plenty of notice that we will be hosting a parent/player potluck meeting after practice on Wednesday, March 15.  The softball program will be providing the main dish and each girl will be asked to bring something to contribute.  We will post more information on this as we near the date.

As for tryouts, please make sure your daughter has all of her necessary paperwork in.  She is required to have a current WIAA physical on file, she must have filled out her co-curricular code agreement, and paid her athletics fee.  If she has already participated in a sport this school year, she will only need to pay the athletics fee.  Mrs. Dudek in the Student Office can let her know what needs to be turned in.  If your daughter needs a physical, please do not wait until the last minute.  If everything is turned in, your daughter will receive a salmon slip granting permission to practice.  Without this slip, your daughter cannot practice/tryout.  There are no exceptions to this.  If she registers early and receives the slip, she can hand it in to Coach Lenz so there is no worry of losing it.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on March 13!