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A huge thank you to everyone that helped us prepare the field this afternoon. It was our most successful field setup day we’ve had in years. We are now ready to finally play some games!

See you all at practice on Monday.



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Good afternoon, everyone.

Tomorrow the coaching staff will be heading over to the field at Noon to help clean up and prepare the fields and facility for our upcoming seasons.  We could use as much help as we can get. Players are highly encouraged to come and coaches will sign NHS Service hours forms for their efforts.

Here is a list of tasks that we need to accomplish:

– Hang the batting cage
– Put up the replacement fence on the JV field
– Re-enforce the sponsor banners
– Pull out/trim old plants and bushes
– Clean/prepare the concession stand as best we can
– Anything else that may be present itself

Here are the tools that we could use:

– Ladders
– Shovels
– Rakes
– Large garbage bags
– Hot water to clean the concession stand (city water is not yet turned on)
– Lots of old rags

If anyone is feeling ambitious, we may even have the opportunity to christen the new grill that we will use this year. There is no need to respond. Please just show up around noon tomorrow.

Many thanks in advance!!!

The North High Softball Coaching Staff


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Good afternoon, everyone.

The Athletic Directors for our conference met on Tuesday morning to re-do the schedule thanks in large part to Mother Nature and her temper.  ALL OF THESE GAMES WILL BE DOUBLEHEADERS.  Below is the updated schedule – please adjust your calendars accordingly.

Saturday, April 28 – HOME vs. DePere (9:00AM) – VARSITY ONLY (Varsity Invite is canceled)

Tuesday, May 1 – AWAY @ Notre Dame (4:00PM) – Bus leaves at 1:30PM

Thursday, May 3 – HOME vs. GB Southwest (4:00PM)

Saturday, May 5 – HOME vs. Bay Port (11:00AM)

Tuesday, May 8 – HOME vs. Sheboygan South (4:00PM)

Thursday, May 10 – AWAY @ Pulaski (4:00PM) – Bus leaves at 1:15PM

Friday, May 11 – Varsity Invite

Saturday, May 12 – Varsity Invite

Monday, May 14 – AWAY @ GB Preble (4:00PM) – Bus leaves at 1:30PM

Tuesday, May 15 – AWAY @ Ashwaubenon (4:00PM) – Bus leaves at 1:30PM

Thursday, May 17 – HOME vs. Manitowoc Lincoln (4:00PM) – Senior Night


We will continue to keep you updated as changes are made……


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I know it feels like games are the furthest thing from our minds right now. However, eventually the snow will melt and we’ll get these games in. The sign up genius has been sent out multiple times, and our varsity parents have done a great job stepping up to man the concession stand. We are asking for participation from the JV parents. We have yet to have a JV parent sign up to work. We really can’t stress enough the importance of the concession stand as a fundraiser for our program. It is the primary way for us to bring money into our program and be able to purchase items vital for the program. Below are the links to sign up for both Varsity invites as well as the concession stand at EXPO. Please do your share. Thank you.


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Good morning, everyone.

As you are all aware, Mother Nature has not been very cooperative this spring.  Below are the changes to our schedule (thus far):

  • April 3 @ Whitefish Bay – Cancelled and no make-up scheduled
  • April 7 – JV Invite – Cancelled and will not be made up
  • April 9 @ De Pere – Postponed to a Doubleheader @ North on April 26 – 4:00PM Start
  • April 10 @ GB Southwest – Postponed to a Doubleheader @ North on May 3 – 4:00PM Start
  • April 12 @ Sheboygan South – STILL ON AS SCHEDULED

With these postponements, we are not going to be using the funds that you provided for the Cousin’s box lunches.  For those girls that have not yet paid for their socks, some of the excess funds will be used to pay for those.  The rest will be refunded.  I may have to return some checks that were made out to Cousins and have you re-write a check for a different amount, or pay cash.  This will most likely happen early this coming week.

Thank you all for working with us through this always difficult rescheduling.


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Just a reminder that all Faye’s pizza orders and money are due today at practice. Checks should be made out to “Sheboygan North Softball”.


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Tomorrow’s game against Whitefish Bay has been cancelled. There is currently not a rescheduled game for this yet. Varsity will practice inside today and tomorrow at 5:30. Varsity will lift at 4:45 Monday. JV will also be practicing inside at 5:30 with lifting afterwards. Contact Sarah with any questions.


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Good afternoon, everyone.

When I scheduled the pizza sale update, I neglected to take into account that next week is Spring Break.  We were able to push back each pizza date 1 week to accommodate those that are going to be gone.  So, please take note:



Sorry for the potential inconvenience, but this helps us to maximize our sales opportunities.


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Good afternoon, everyone.

The coaching staff wants everyone to be aware of a few important dates we have coming up.  This post will serve as a reminder for said dates:

  • SPONSORSHIPS – Sponsorships are due on Monday, March 26 (4 days from now).  It is not vital that I have the money for the sponsorship, but I DO NEED the logo and sponsorship level that the company has selected.  This is so we can order the banners and finish the program.


  • FAYE’S PIZZA SALES – The deadline to turn in your pizza/voucher sales is Tuesday, March 27.  The order forms AND money must be turned in at this time.  Payment can be in cash or check to “Sheboygan North Softball.”  Pizzas will be delivered to North for pick-up on the night of Wednesday, April 11 location TBD.  Please make arrangements to be available.


  • COUSIN’S SUBS BOX LUNCH ORDERS – Any girl that chooses to order a box lunch from Cousin’s for the bus trips prior to games needs to turn in their form and money to Coach Lenz prior to Thursday, March 29.  You only need to turn in one form.  We are ordering subs for 7 bus trips.  At a cost of $7 per, the total is $49.  Please pay in cash or check payable to “Cousins Subs”.  You can order for all dates or whichever you choose.  You also have the ability to change your order if you choose.


  • EMERGENCY CARDS – All athletes participating in softball must have an Emergency Card turned in to their head coach.  This must be done as soon as possible, but MUST be turned in prior to our first game (April 3).


Thank you all!!!


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Good afternoon, everyone.

I’ve attached the pizza sale forms to the bottom of this post.  Please feel free to print off and make as many copies as are necessary.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT FORMS – 1 FOR PIZZAS AND 1 FOR VOUCHERS.  The orders will be placed based on what sheet they are filled out on.

These orders are due, along with the money, on Wednesday, March 27.  All checks should be made payable to “Sheboygan North Softball”.  Remember that $2 for every pizza you sell will be credited towards your season dues account.  This is an easy way for our program to earn money as the pizzas seem to sell themselves.  Ask co-workers, family members, teachers, neighbors, etc.  Utilize all of your social media platforms.  You will be able to sell dozens of pizzas without issue.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of your coaches.


Faye’s Order Form – Pizzas

Faye’s Order Form – Vouchers