Missing Uniforms

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We need everyone’s help in tracking down some uniforms from years past.  They are the uniforms that the Varsity wore before the current set.  They are Nike with navy blue shoulders and sleeves with a white chest and gold numbers on the back.  There is a picture of this uniform below.

We used these uniforms at a tournament several years ago and some of them were never returned.  We are hoping that by putting this information out there we can recover at least 1 or 2 of the tops.

Please help spread the word.

Thanks in advance!!!


Softball Tryouts

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Good afternoon, everyone.

We wanted to update all individuals on the planned schedule for tryouts.  We are currently planning on having 2 days of tryouts (March 13-14, 4:30-7:30PM) with the teams posted on WordPress and Facebook the evening of March 14.  If the coaching staff feels it is necessary, we will extend tryouts to March 15.  We will let the girls know of that decision before they leave on Tuesday, March 14.

Based on the number of individuals we have had attend open gyms and our informational meetings, we had to make the decision to only be have 2 teams (Varsity and JV) this year.  Because of this, it is likely that we will have to make cuts due to only having so many uniforms per team.  We will discuss this more during tryouts.

The coaching staff also wants to give you plenty of notice that we will be hosting a parent/player potluck meeting after practice on Wednesday, March 15.  The softball program will be providing the main dish and each girl will be asked to bring something to contribute.  We will post more information on this as we near the date.

As for tryouts, please make sure your daughter has all of her necessary paperwork in.  She is required to have a current WIAA physical on file, she must have filled out her co-curricular code agreement, and paid her athletics fee.  If she has already participated in a sport this school year, she will only need to pay the athletics fee.  Mrs. Dudek in the Student Office can let her know what needs to be turned in.  If your daughter needs a physical, please do not wait until the last minute.  If everything is turned in, your daughter will receive a salmon slip granting permission to practice.  Without this slip, your daughter cannot practice/tryout.  There are no exceptions to this.  If she registers early and receives the slip, she can hand it in to Coach Lenz so there is no worry of losing it.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on March 13!

Open Gym is ON! 

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Because the school day was not off because of weather, open gym is still on for tonight. Raider Gym at 7:30.

21 days until the season starts!!!


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Good afternoon, everyone.

I’ve attached the sponsorship program to the bottom of this post.  Please look it over and encourage your girls to participate.  It’s a great way for the program to make some money and the players to earn some very nice equipment.  The deadline for program sponsorships is FRIDAY, MAY 17 (this is delayed one week from the original deadline).

Here is a list of companies that have already been claimed (players will be asking them):

ReMax Universal (Gary Beaudoin); Wisconsin Bank & Trust; Kerwin & LeMahieu, LLC; Larry’s Disributing; Legend Larry’s; Rockline; Schenck; Peter Mersberger; Wells Fargo; Doug’s Auto Service

Please keep in mind that if a player secured a sponsorship from a company last year, they have first rights to ask them this year.  If you know you are going to be soliciting a company for a sponsorship, please let Coach Lenz know prior to doing so.  We want to avoid companies being asked several times.  If you claim a company, it is your responsibility to follow through with asking.

Any questions regarding sponsorship can be directed to Coach Lenz (clenz@sasd.net).




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There are a couple of announcements that everyone needs to be aware of.  Please see below:

  1. The softball program is still in need of 5 people to work the second shift of the basketball game on Friday night.  This concession work will go towards your daughter’s season dues.  The shift begins at 6:30 and goes until the end of the Varsity game (approx. 9:00).  If you are able to work during this shift, please contact Kim Warden (kmwderm@gmail.com).
  2. There will be a players information meeting for ALL girls interested in playing softball this spring on Monday, February 6 (next Monday) after school in Room 163.  This will be a very brief meeting with information for the upcoming season (tryouts, fundraising, sponsorships, etc.).  Girls should make every effort to attend.  If they absolutely cannot make it, they should stop and see Coach Lenz.  Please help to spread the word to all girls that may not be on WordPress or Facebook.


Open Gym Cancelled

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Due to deteriorating weather conditions, open gym is cancelled for tonight. We will resume next Monday. 

Please consider donating your time and/or baked goods for this coming Friday’s game. This is a great fundraising opportunity for our program. Baked goods can be dropped by Coach Lenz in the Athletic Training room. Stand volunteers can contact Kim Warden. 


Concession Stand Update

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We are still looking for the following help for Friday night’s basketball game: 

1 person for early shift  (4:30-6:30)

5 people for late shift (6:30-end of game) 

LOTS of baked goods. 
Baked goods can be dropped off to Coach Lenz at school. To volunteer to work in the stand, please contact Kim Warden (kmwderm@gmail.com).

Thanks in advance! 

Good morning, everyone.

Kim Warden has asked me to request your help in the concession stand on Friday, February 3 during the Boys Basketball game vs. GB Preble.  There will be two shifts (4:00PM-6:30PM and 6:30PM-9:00PM or game finish).  She is in need of 6 people per shift.

In addition to physically working in the stand, we are also in need of baked goods donations, particularly Puppy Chow (kids love that stuff).  Monetary donations are also requested for supplies to make walking tacos.  Kim has volunteered to make the walking taco ingredients, but needs the donations prior to doing so.

Please remember that working in the concession stand and donating money/items will go towards your $200 commitment for the season.  If you are able/willing to help in any fashion, please contact Kim Warden to sign up (kmwderm@gmail.com).  After the night is over, she will relay to me all that contributed so you will be credited accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Due to the impending weather and the safety of its’students, the school district has made the decision to cancel all activities at 2:00pm. Because of this, open gym is cancelled. It will resume next week at 7:30 in the Raider Gym. 


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Hello, all.

Even though school is not in session next Monday (1/16) we will still have Open Gym from 7:30-9:00PM.  This is allowed because school was not canceled due to weather issues.

We are 2 months away from the start of the season so we hope to see as many people there as possible.  Any chance you get to have your hands on the bat and ball is an opportunity for you to get better.  Try not to waste those opportunities!

See you on Monday!!!