Pizza Sales – Checks

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Hello, everyone.

I’ve had several questions in regards to the checks for the Pizza Sales.  All checks should be made payable to “Sheboygan North Softball”.  Thanks for your questions.

Faye’s Pizza Form

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If you have not received the Faye’s Pizza Order Form, you will see it embedded in this post.  Please print it off and make copies as you feel necessary. Please note that the pizza form is due, with money, on April 13 (not April 12 as it says). Pizzas will be delivered on April 27. If you are interested in selling/purchasing vouchers for these pizzas, please make a CLEAR “V” next to the number of vouchers you’d like to order. Make sure the pizza and the voucher numbers are separate or your order might not get processed properly.

Faye’s Pizza Order Form

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Lenz (

Cousin’s Subs Orders

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Hello, everyone.

Once again, the softball program will be going with the Cousin’s Subs box lunch as an option for your girls on road games.  This is completely optional and no player is under any obligation to partake in this offering.

For $6, the girls will get a Cousin’s Subs box lunch which includes a half-sub of their choice, chips, apple, cookie and drink.  They are picked up prior to the bus departure and the girls can eat the lunch when they choose.

Varsity and JV1 girls have 3 road trips for lunches and JV2 have 5.  If you are interested, please bring the appropriate money to Coach Lenz.  Forms are available to be filled out and will be handed out at practice today.

Coaches Contact Information

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Hello, all.

Below I’ve listed the cell phone contact information for all the coaches in the program. If your daughter is going to miss practice for whatever reason or if you need to get in touch with the coach, please use the appropriate number.

All the numbers listed below are cell phone numbers and capable of receiving text messages.


Tammy Utley (Head Coach) – (319) 415-1128
Sarah LeMahieu (Asst. Coach) – (920) 226-0242
Chris Lenz (Asst. Coach) – (920) 889-1040

Junior Varsity 1:

Ali Bauer (Head Coach) – (920) 492-1245

Junior Varsity 2:

Dennis Grimm (Head Coach) – (920) 946-4362

Field Clean Up Day

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Hello, all.

We hope to see as many of you as possible this coming Sunday beginning at 12:00 as we start to prep our fields for the season.  We will be putting up the batting cages, putting up the fences, doing general field work and just making the facility look nice.

If you are able to, we are looking for people to bring:  Tall Ladders, Heavy Duty/Hammer Drills, Extension Cords, and Lawn/Leaf Rakes.

Even if you are coming for only a little bit, we’d love to see you on Sunday!

Team Announcements

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The coaching staff at North High School would like to thank everyone for their efforts over the past three days.  We have made the determination to NOT make any cuts.  This means that everyone that was at tryouts WILL be on a team.  If you have any questions or concerns about the team that you are on, please talk with Coach Utley tomorrow AFTER practice.

Here are the rosters:


Hazel Dulmes
Robyn Smith
Raven Gmach
Desiree Rolon
Ashlyn Prisinger
Allison Schetter
Jenna Warden
Tori Holtz
Bayleigh Rabe
Aleyna Canales
Autumn Jakubowski
Lauren Spaulding
Paige Sauer
Lauren Hamann*

Junior Varsity 1:

Katie Bechard
Ariel Flegel
Bailee Graeber
Allyson Haefke
Amanda Henschel
Rhiannon Hochrein
Roberta McCall
Jasmine McCue
Natalie Meyers
Kara Petzke
Lauren Hamann*
Autumn Van Der Puy*
Ashton Kuehl*
Cassie Mosnik*
Miranda Gmach*

Junior Varsity 2:

Claire Binder
Nikki Chanthima
Morgan Fenske
Breann Grub
Madison Lawrence
Anna Presutti
Aaliyah Rolon
Macartney Schmitt
Kallista Schulak
Julia Sievers
Keeley Sipiorski
Hope Stiebs
Olivia Warren
Lexey Wohlgemuth
Lindsay Wrensch
Autumn Van Der Puy*
Ashton Kuehl*
Cassie Mosnik*
Miranda Gmach*

Those individuals with the * by their names may be asked to play on multiple levels in the case of low numbers, injury, or just to get more playing time.

Again, thank you to everyone for their efforts over the last three days. We look forward to a great season!

North High Softball Coaching Staff

Ice Bowling

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There was not enough interest to fill a time slot for ice bowling, so we will not be pursuing this opportunity.

Thank you to those who volunteered.


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Hello, everyone.  I just wanted to take the time to remind you of some important things coming up:

– The first day of practice is Monday, March 16 beginning at 4:30PM in the Raider Gym.  Please know that your daughter CANNOT practice without her salmon slip signifying that she has signed the handbook, paid the participation fee, and gotten her WIAA physical.  The athletes can register with Ms. Timm in the Activities office from 7:30A-3:30P every day.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

– I have yet to hear back from many of you on your sponsorship claims.  Please make sure that if you told me you were going to ask a company that you actually DO ask them.  If they say no, which they might, please also let me know that so I can make a note of it.  All sponsorships are due on March 20.  Any sponsorships received after that date will be given as much of the package as is possible and the athletes will not receive credit.

Any questions on these can be directed to Coach Lenz at  Thanks.

Fundraising Opportunity

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Hello, all.

The Sheboygan North Softball Program has a fundraising opportunity during Ice Bowling on Saturday, March 21.

We need 10 people (students) to help set pins from 4-8pm and 20 students from 8-close (usually midnight). This can be North High athletes or Striker players, but they must be at least 12 years old.

For filing a whole shift, the organization will receive $125 per hour.

If you are interested, please let Coach Lenz ( know ASAP. These spots have been offered to other organizations and are being filled on a first come first served basis.


Baked Goods Needed

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Hello, all.

On Thursday, March 5 (this Thursday), the Softball program will be running the concession stand for the WIAA Girls Division 2 Sectional Semi-Final between Cedarburg and Beaver Dam.  Since there is only one game that night (7PM) the concession stand will be selling general fare.  We will be selling baked goods along with hot dogs, candy, popcorn, soda, etc…  If you are interested in donating some baked goods, that is pure profit for our program.  If you are able to do this, please make sure that they are individually wrapped and brought to North High School prior to 6PM on Thursday.  If you have any questions, you can contact Tammy Holtz at

Thank you in advance for your help!